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First Choice Online Sales LLC Terms and Conditions


You will receive an invoice sent to your registered email address with payment instructions at the conclusion of the sale. If you have not received an invoice within 24 hours of the close of the auction, contact us immediately. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to ensure they are capable of paying in full at the conclusion of the sale. All bids are real and there are no bid retractions. Any failure to pay the entire purchase price as stated in the payment terms of this document will result in legal action taken upon the buyer.

Payment Method

All payments must be made in US Dollars. Accepted payment methods are check, or online payment through PayPal. You may either pay by credit card or automatic bank transfer through PayPal. If you choose to use PayPal, you can follow the link that will be on your emailed invoice sent to you at the conclusion of the auction. All payments must be received within 5 business days. If you choose to pay by check, we recommend you send it next day mail to ensure you do not receive any late fees. Fees are subject to a 24% finance charge after the fifth day. A fee of $50 will be assessed on all late payments or returned checks and the bidder will be denied access to future auctions. We recommend our buyers use automatic bank transfer through PayPal for the safest and fastest way to send payment. To access automatic bank transfer, simply save your bank routing number and account number, found on the bottom of your checks, within your secure PayPal account. If you prefer to pay by check, use the mailing address listed below.

A 7% buyers premium will be assessed on pig auctions only. The purchase price listed by the lot will not have the buyers premium added on. That total price with the buyers premium will be listed in your emailed invoice. Example: Purchase price $600. Actual price paid $642.

  • Please make checks payable to: First Choice Online Sales
  • Mailing address:
    First Choice Online Sales
    31683 Custer Road
    Waynoka, OK 73860
  • Delivery of Animals

    The buyer is responsible for all coordination and cost of delivery. Animals will not be allowed to be picked up or delivered until full payment has been received. Arrangements for pickup/delivery should be made no later than 2 days after the close of the auction. First Choice Online Sales LLC is not responsible for any transportation of purchases, but would assist the buyer and seller to coordinate transportation if possible.

    Health Papers

    Health papers will be furnished upon request of the buyer for each lot individually. Buyers seeking special testing or export health testing will do so at the buyer’s expense. Please contact your state veterinary office for all health requirements.


    Each animal becomes the property of the buyer at the conclusion of every auction. Sellers are not responsible for the health or condition of the animals after the close of the auction. First Choice Online Sales LLC strongly recommends that buyers take out mortality insurance on their purchases. If there are any issues with the animals, please contact First Choice Online Sales to discuss these matters.


    Any person placing bids on items on this site agrees to be bound by these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and understands that, by placing bids, they are entering into a binding contract between themselves and the seller and that they will be held financially responsible for their actions. This offering has been prepared by the seller and the seller guarantees the pedigree and age of the livestock presented. First Choice Online Sales LLC is an agent between the buyer and seller. Disputes should be first presented to a representative of the auction company for First Choice Online Sales LLC to work with both parties to resolve any disputes. Any agreements and adjustments that may be made are solely between buyer and seller.

    Placing a bid is a binding contract between you and the seller, and the bid cannot be retracted. Once a bidder places a bid, and the bid is the high/winning bid, the bidder will be obligated to buy the lot at the said price indicated. Placing a bid on this online auction site, and winning, then not paying for the lot is illegal in most states, and prosecution will result. The seller of property sold through this online auction site reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

    Despite efforts to avoid the withdrawal of lots from the online auction after they are listed, it may sometimes be necessary to withdraw lots. The seller reserves the right to withdraw any lot or lots at any time before or during the online auction sale at the seller’s sole discretion.